e-Learning Platform

Training Material

- Creation of a network of people

- Increased knowledge of young people about using digital media

- Creation of an innovative, high quality digital teaching  pathway  for disadvantaged young people

- Here you can download all the material from the courses in  pdf format

Once you have seen all the modules, test your skills with these games: 

Game 1: https://learningapps.org/watch?v=p9t8fwyrt23

Game 2: https://learningapps.org/watch?v=pkgitzwf523

Game 3: https://learningapps.org/watch?v=psk20yqet23

Game 4: https://learningapps.org/watch?v=pf3e5kr9523

Game 5: https://learningapps.org/watch?v=pd7mq9ez223

Game 6: https://learningapps.org/watch?v=pxdd0g84a23